Did you know that approximately 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water?

Did you also know that less than 1% of that water is available as fresh water suitable for our daily use?


Experts say that before the year 2050 most developed countries will be out of fresh water. The natural hydrologic cycle can not keep up with the current population growth and resulting pollution. In order to avoid a global catastrophe, water recycling and treatment have become a prime focus of environmental groups. Many new technologies are on the horizon for the water industries but the most basic processes are still required in order to maintain our water supplies. Filtration and basic water treatment is the first step in all current processes available to the water-related industries.

Alliance Process Solutions is a quality supplier of Filtration and Water Treatment vessels for all water-related industries. Our commitment to the core values of water conservation and reuse has allowed us to develop product lines that specifically fit the needs of today’s growing markets.

What steps will you take to help solve the problem, how important is it to you?

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